Is motorcycle insurance required for those who have car insurance?

For insurance laws and other regulations, motorcycles are treated as a separate class of motor vehicles. Any motorcycle rider in Pembroke Pines, FL will need motorcycle insurance, even if they already have an auto insurance policy for the cars they own and drive. However, there are also insurance options for motorcyclists that can vary based on each person’s needs. Here is a basic overview of motorcycle insurance requirements. Our agents at McCormick Insurance Inc. can provide more specific details to anyone who needs help. 

Liability insurance is required.

Like drivers of standard cars, motorcyclists must have at least a basic liability policy to protect others from the damage they cause during an accident. This means that the insurance provider will pay for most or all of the damage so that the person does not have to pay for the losses if there is a lawsuit related to the crash. Florida law requires several thousand dollars of protection for injuries and property damage caused by the motorcycle operator, which is built into all liability policies. 

There are additional coverage options.

Anyone who has a motorcycle that is financed should get collision coverage. The collision policy will help ensure a damaged vehicle can be repaired shortly after the accident. This type of coverage means that the owner will only have to pay a deductible out of pocket, then the insurance company covers the rest. A motorcycle can also carry comprehensive coverage as another policy option. This protects against things like theft and damage unrelated to motor vehicle accidents. Each individual should discuss their insurance needs with an agent to see if they need this coverage. 

Getting motorcycle insurance

At McCormick Insurance Inc., we can provide more information about motorcycle insurance to anyone who needs assistance. Don’t hesitate to contact our agents, who serve Pembroke Pines, FL, to set a policy or ask questions.