Do You Need Builders & Vacant Risk Insurance?

When it comes to your home, protecting your investment is very important. That is true if you have lived there for years, and true if you are just moving in. However, you may also need to protect your Pembroke Pines, FL area home if you are a builder and the home is under construction, or if your house is going to be sitting vacant during part of the year. McCormick Insurance Inc. can help you choose the right policy for your needs, so you will not have to worry about your home and its level of protection.

Builders Need the Right Property Insurance

As a builder, standard homeowners insurance may not be an option. But there are policies that builders can use in order to ensure they are getting the right coverage and level of protection. While a home is under construction it can be vulnerable in a number of ways. Covering the most common issues that could take place is vital to a builder’s continued success in the process of creating and selling homes.

If Your Home is Vacant, it Needs Different Insurance

Leaving a home vacant for all or part of a year can mean you need to choose a different type of policy. Sometimes homes are at higher risk of a break-in when they are vacant. If there is a plumber of electrical problem, no one will be there to notice it, as well. These kinds of issues can all add up, but the right type of policy will protect the homeowner against vacant risk.

A Trusted Agent Can Help With Your Policy

When you reach out to McCormick Insurance Inc. you can protect your Pembroke Pines, FL area home, whether it is being built or it just needs to sit empty for a while. The right policy not only protects the home, but it gives you peace of mind, as well.

Why Inland Marine Insurance From McCormick Insurance Inc. Will Enhance That River Experience This Summer For Business Owners

With the vast amount of freshwater lakes and rivers in Florida, many business owners can take advantage of the river experience this summer, and protect their products with inland marine insurance. For businesses that require frequent traveling of business equipment, inland marine insurance is essential to protect this traveling equipment in or around the Pembroke Pines, FL. 

What Is Inland Marine Insurance

This type of insurance refers to the moving of business property and cargo. For businesses that require excessive travel, or in the case of the river, taking business aboard the boat to potential customers, there is a need for traveling coverage. Also, some businesses may still have products shipped through cargo boats on these rivers, which would also require coverage. 

Take It To The River

Many residents and visitors in Florida find solace on the rivers, making it a great market for business owners to load their boats. These business owners are carrying out their products for purchase or equipment for services needed. While out on the water, your business equipment such as tablets, laptops, and others will need to be insured in the event of damages. With this type of coverage, you can comfortably carry your business to the river and take advantage of a market knowing you are insured.

Get Covered Today

Our agency understands the need to have this additional insurance and secure your property while in transit. If you have a business in the Pembroke Pines, FL area that requires traveling property or equipment, then you should reach out to the agents at McCormick Insurance Inc. for more information.

Does Boat Insurance Cover Boat Accessories?

Boats, much like cars, are great vehicles that many owners love to deck out with fantastic accessories that change the look, function and value of the boat. These accessories are not cheap however and you may want to check your insurance policy to make sure that they are covered. For those in the Pembroke Pines, FL area, the agents with McCormick Insurance Inc. can help you find the policy that you want and need to protect your boat and boat accessories.

As with certain car accessories, they are likely only going to be covered on your boat policy if they are specifically named and documented. If you have made significant alterations to your boat and have spent money on expensive accessories, it is well worth the time and effort to have these changes and accessories noted on your policy so that you can recover the money you have put into them if the boat is destroyed.

If you have a boat that you have made alterations to like an upgraded engine, seats, premium radio, added storage, etc, it is always best to have these changes listed and documented on your boat insurance policy. this is going to help make sure that you get the proper payout when you do end up making an insurance claim if something does happen to your boat. Naming specific accessories is really the only way that you can recoup the cost of them unless you insure your boat for more than it is supposed to be worth and most insurance companies do not allow that.

For those in the Pembroke Pines, FL area, the agents with McCormick Insurance Inc. can help you to find the policy that is going to protect not only your boat and passengers, but also any accessories you have had installed.  

3 Tips for Buying RV Insurance in Pembroke Pines, FL

Life with an RV is always better. You hit the open road and stop where you want without having the hassle of booking a hotel room. But before you go on your first or next RV adventure, it’s a good idea to have RV insurance to protect your asset, yourselves, and anyone else that could be involved in an unforeseen accident. Read on to learn about three tips for purchasing RV insurance in beautiful Pembroke Pines, FL.

1. Bundle Your Policies

Chances are you already have more than one insurance policy. Most likely you have one or more cars insured with auto insurance, as well as homeowner’s insurance or even renter’s insurance. When you bundle all your insurance policies under one insurance company, you will receive a discount on your premiums. In fact, insurance companies love to reward loyalty by giving back and keeping you as a long-term customer.

2. Compare Quotes

When the time comes to purchase RV insurance in Pembroke Pines, FL, it’s a good idea to look over a few quotes. Go through the fine detail with an agent to find the best price for the best policy for your RV.

3. Work with a Reputable Agent

A knowledgeable, experienced agent will make all the difference when purchasing RV insurance. You want to make sure you get the right policy. That’s where McCormick Insurance Inc. comes in. The friendly agents are ready to answer all of your questions, help you compare quotes, and get you and your RV on the road as soon as possible. To learn more, contact McCormick Insurance Inc. today at 954-602-5741. 

Is it time to add umbrella insurance to your personal liability coverage?

Residents in the greater Pembroke Pines, FL area are discovering the many benefits that come with adding an umbrella insurance policy to their personal insurance portfolio. If you need to increase your personal liability protection, contact the professional team at McCormick Insurance Inc. today and find out more. Common liability and other personal insurance policies have coverage limits that can be exceeded if you or a family member are involved in a catastrophic event. Don’t let an accident take away everything that you have worked so hard for! Personal umbrella policies are able to provide additional protection in the event that your primary policy reaches its coverage limit.

Why personal umbrella policies make sense

Many homeowners’ insurance policies provide protection in the event that someone has an accident or mishap in your home or on your property. They can also protect you if a lawsuit or other judgment is brought against you. However, most of these types of coverages have protection limits that can leave you exposed in the event of a claim. If your loss exceeds the number of your policy limits you can be held liable for any overages. With a personal umbrella policy, you can bridge the gap between the protection you need and policy limits. If you have worked hard during your professional life to provide for yourself and your family, it makes sense to protect your assets and your future.

If you want to find out more about how you can protect all of your hard work from a liability charge with a comprehensive umbrella policy, contact the team at McCormick Insurance Inc. today. We are proud to serve the greater Pembroke Pines, FL area and look forward to working with you too.

Does flood insurance work with government assistance?

You may or may not be in a flood zone if you live in Pembroke Pines, FL, but your regular homeowner’s policy is unlikely to cover damage caused by flooding. That means that if you are ever affected by flooding caused by any source, you will be unprotected and will suffer the loss without the protection of an insurance policy. It is important to understand the kinds of dangers you could be facing and how flood insurance works.

National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)

While a standard homeowners policy will not cover you if there is a flood, you can purchase flood insurance through at the same time you purchase your homeowner’s policy from McCormick Insurance Inc. It is surprisingly affordable, and it is backed by the federal government.

In fact, you can check with the NFIP if you have any questions about how the program is administered. An insurance agent can help you find the best policy, and representatives from NFIP can explain how the program has benefited people who didn’t specifically live in flood zones.

Disaster Relief From FEMA

Many people realize from watching news programs covering disastrous floods that the Federal Emergency Management Agency will help out and provide assistance to the victims in many circumstances. However, it is rare for the President to declare a federal disaster, and much of the assistance provided is often in the form of low-interest loans. It isn’t like insurance, where you can get the money you need as a matter of right.

If you are interested in protecting your Pembroke Pines, FL home, flood insurance may be a good idea. If you have any questions or want to know how it could benefit you, call McCormick Insurance Inc. and speak with one of our agents today.

Changing Jobs? When a Personal Life Insurance Policy is the Right Thing to Do

You have a great benefits package from your current Pembroke Pines, FL job. However, what happens if you opt for a new position with a start-up company or yours suddenly goes out of business? Your agent at McCormick Insurance Inc. is here to remind you to carefully look at all your insurance policies provided by your boss and think again about what happens if you make a change.

Benefits Don’t Travel from Job to Job

Your life insurance, disability, and other benefits will not transfer from one job to another. While you might take a step up in income, you may end up waiting six months to a year for those benefits to kick back in again. If you purchase a personal insurance policy, the coverage remains in place protecting your family and investments while you are climbing the corporate ladder.

Life is Unexpected–Your Insurance Shouldn’t Be

Life insurance is about making sure that all your family experiences less stress when faced with the most unexpected moments. When you take a gamble to make your life better, that shouldn’t mean that you sacrifice the confidence of knowing that the house is protected and your children will still be able to go to college. 

Great Option for Small Business Owners

Maybe you are leaving the corporate world behind and starting up your own Pembroke Pines, FL business. You can create your own benefits package that includes life insurance with a personal policy. You can even opt for one that builds equity over time, providing a nest egg for future endeavors.

If you have questions about the types of life insurance policies that are available outside of your job’s benefits package, give the experts a call at McCormick Insurance Inc. today.

Why You Need Builders Risk Insurance

Being an independent contractor or construction service provider can be a great career. While there is plenty of potential for those that are in this field, there are also important choices that need to be made. For Pembroke Pines, FL area businesses, one important decision is to choose quality builders risk insurance. There are several reasons why a contractor needs to have builders risk insurance.

Covers Building Damage

During any form of the construction phase, there is always a risk that an accident could happen that could cause damage to a building. If the contractor is at fault, this could come with a lot of liability. When you have builders risk insurance coverage in place, you will receive protection in the event a building is damaged during construction. 

Protects Contractor Equipment and Assets

A contractor will need to invest a lot of money in order to complete certain jobs. This includes buying equipment, tools, and materials. When you have builders risk insurance in place, you will receive protection in the event these items are damaged, lost, or stolen. 

Required to do Business

For a contractor, having builders risk insurance in place is also often a requirement in order to do business. Many customers today will require that you have builders risk insurance in place in order to accept your bid. Further, certain communities have laws in place that will require you to have builders risk insurance in order to do work in that community. 

If you are a contractor and want to learn more about your builders risk insurance needs and options, you should speak to the team at McCormick Insurance Inc. The professionals at McCormick Insurance Inc. can help any Pembroke Pines FL contractor get the builders risk insurance that they need to properly protect their business. 

Is Inland Marine Insurance Really A Necessity?

You may be looking for various ways to save money for your business. As you look at things that you spend money on, you may start to wonder whether certain insurance premiums are necessary. Inland marine insurance may or may not be required. However, it’s always a good idea to have a policy so that your business is protected. Our agents at McCormick Insurance Inc. can go over why you should get the coverage.

Cover a Wide Range of Specialty Equipment

If your business ships products or equipment via shipping containers in Pembroke Pines, FL, it’s a good idea to explore inland marine insurance. You can get the coverage you need for computers, networking equipment, medical and scientific equipment, photography equipment, and more.

Whether you ship things back and forth for your own company regularly or you are a merchant, it could be beneficial to add this to your standard business insurance. This way, when the shipments are sitting inland and not being transported across the water, you have recourse if there is any kind of damage.

Special Coverage Levels

You can choose to add all sorts of coverage options based on who you are and what situation you’re dealing with. Consider:

  • Builder’s risk
  • Exhibition/fine art coverage
  • Installation floater
  • Bailee’s customer coverage

This way, if you have something in transit or on loan, it can be protected so that you’re not left on the hook for property that doesn’t even belong to your business.

You can be better protected by having this kind of insurance policy in Pembroke Pines, FL. This way, if there is damage, you have the ability to file a claim and get the money needed to replace the equipment or other property that has been affected.

Contact us at McCormick Insurance Inc. today to learn more about inland marine insurance premiums. We can customize a policy to meet your individual needs so that you have peace of mind all year long.


Does Boat Insurance Cover Boat Trailers and Haulers?

If you own a boat that you haul from one location to another, you need equipment to transport the boat. When transporting the boat, you need either a boat hauler or a boat trailer. At McCormick Insurance Inc. serving the greater Pembroke Pines, FL area, we are often asked if the boat trailer or hauler is covered by boat insurance. Here is what you need to know about this topic. 

Does Boat Insurance Cover Boat Trailers and Haulers? 

Boat insurance does not typically cover boat trailers and boat haulers. Boat insurance typically only covers floating vessels that have an engine, such as boats and jet skis. 

How Can You Cover Boat Trailers and Haulers?

If you are looking to insure your boat trailer or hauler, you generally have two options. Some companies offer an add-on policy to your boat insurance that will cover trailers or haulers. These are policies or addendums that are added on to your current insurance policy to cover the items you use to haul the boat or trailer. Most of the add-on policies only cover the trailer or hauler when it is being used to transport the boat. 

The other option is to purchase a completely separate boat trailer or hauler policy. This type of policy will cover your boat trailer or hauler even when it is not transporting the boat or when it is transporting other items, such as toys. This type of policy is generally more expensive than an add-on policy, but it offers more coverage and protection, so may be right in the right situation. 

Are you looking to insure both your boat and your boat trailer or hauler in the greater Pembroke Pines, FL area? Then contact McCormick Insurance Inc. today. We will help you find the right insurance policies to meet your needs.