What Prompts People to Check Car Insurance Rates

Nobody anticipates falling ill or requiring a hospital visit; however, it’s essential to have a plan in case it happens. Health insurance is often a significant part of that plan. It helps us handle our bills and maintain our lifestyle. These reasons, among others, explain why it is advantageous to have health insurance and are the basis for why many individuals in and around the Rochester, MN area seek the professional, experienced, and friendly services of the Safechoice Insurance Agency for their health insurance requirements.

Health Insurance: More than Just about Health

Have you ever encountered someone sick or injured and said, "At least I have health insurance," or "Thank goodness my health insurance covers that"? These phrases express relief and assurance and underscore the importance of having health insurance. Undeniably, health insurance is crucial when you are sick or injured, but it also provides numerous additional benefits.

Rochester, MN – Your Health Insurance Solution

If you reside in the greater Rochester, MN area and have inquiries about health insurance or are keen on exploring the potential benefits of health insurance should you have to miss work or suffer an injury, our reliable and proficient team at the Safechoice Insurance Agency can assist. You cannot predict when you might need health insurance coverage, but knowing that you are covered when the need arises is reassuring. Contact us to learn more and acquire the health insurance solutions you need and deserve today at Safechoice.

Five Benefits of Motorcycle Safety Courses

Completing a motorcycle safety course gives riders foundational knowledge to improve their skills, reducing the chance of being involved in a collision. Read on to learn about their key benefits from our experts at McCormick Insurance Inc. in Pembroke Pines, FL.

1. Improved Riding Skills

There are thousands of motorcycle-related accidents each year, many of which result in death or major injuries. Many collisions can be avoided altogether by beginner and advanced courses. Some skills they can improve include:

2. Increased Safety Awareness

Increasing safety awareness can avoid most causes of these collisions. Safety courses offer information on how to identify potential road hazards, ride defensively, and anticipate the actions of other drivers.

3. Improved Riding Skills

  • Developing Greater Control: Motorcycle courses teach riders how to handle their bike in various situations, including accelerating, braking, and turning, so you have a controlled, smooth riding style.
  • Enhance Defensive Driving: During the course, the instructor gives tips on maintaining a safe distance, scanning the road ahead, and identifying blind spots.
  • Learning Emergency Maneuvers: Your instructor teaches students how to perform emergency actions, such as swerving, making quick stops, and avoiding obstacles.

4. Lower Insurance Rates

Completing a safety course can reduce your insurance premium. Many companies consider riders who take classes to be less likely to cause or be involved in an accident, which minimizes the potential for insurance claims.

5. Meet Legal Requirements

The motor vehicle department may require motorcycle safety courses to obtain a ride license. You may have to take a skills safety test to get a motorcycle insurance endorsement.

Be Safe On the Road

Even experienced riders can increase safety with advanced courses, while new riders should take an introductory class. We’re happy to answer your questions and assist you with adequate motorcycle insurance here at McCormick Insurance Inc. in Pembroke Pines, FL.

Five Types of Inland Marine Insurance and What They Cover

In the realm of business insurance, one of the most misunderstood is inland marine. McCormick Insurance Inc. offers these policies in Pembroke Pines, FL, and they provide a wide range of coverage. Its name likely contributes to both businesses and consumers. Widely considered builder’s risk coverage protects goods and equipment in transit, but that’s not all that inland marine insurance covers.

1. Riggers Liability Coverage

This type of policy pertains especially to contractors regarding equipment and cargo being moved by a crane or other methods of getting large, heavy pieces into place. This coverage does not apply to basic general liability coverage and is available with a supplement add-on to your policy.

2. Installation Floaters Coverage

In general, contractors typically carry out installation floater coverage. These policy riders to inland marine insurance are often known as builder’s risk coverage to provide protection for installations the contractor is handling.

3. Tool and Die Coverage

This coverage benefits machinists and die and tool makers who produce custom metal parts and specialized tools to create them. Tool and die floater coverage protects companies that provide specialized molds and tooling used in manufacturing.

4. Accounts Receivable Coverage

This endorsement is specialized coverage to compensate policyholders for fiscal losses related to accounts receivable. In addition to increasing peace of mind, it comes in handy when such incidents occur.

5. Jewelers Block Coverage

This inland marine endorsement provides coverage to the jewelry inventory that retailers hold. These entities are generally wholesalers, retailers, pawn brokers, and manufacturers.

Contact Us About Inland Marine Insurance

If you have questions or are interested in obtaining inland marine insurance, contact McCormick Insurance Inc. in Pembroke Pines, FL. We’ll handle your needs quickly and professionally.

What Help Does Boat Insurance Offer If You Are Sued?

Boating accidents occur all the time, and in some situations, you may be found to be at fault. If that is the case, and someone seeks legal action against you, having boat insurance may provide you with the support and guidance you need. At McCormick Insurance Inc., we provide boat insurance in Pembroke Pines, FL, for those who own and use (or store) their boats just for these reasons.

What Happens When You Are Facing a Lawsuit?

If you cause injuries or other losses to another person, the liability portion of your boat insurance policy may provide you with financial support. That includes providing you with coverage up to the limit you have for any claims made against you. For example, if someone on your boat suffers an injury due to a defective component on the structure, your policy may cover their medical bills.

In some situations, a person may seek legal action against you in court. In this case, your boat insurance policy may provide you with support for fighting those claims. It can help cover the legal expenses you have of hiring an attorney to refute or minimize the claims against you. Since attorneys can be very expensive, which can be critical to protecting your financial future, be sure the insurance policy you have in place is comprehensive enough to minimize risks to you.

Let Us Help You Protect Your Financial Well-being

The right boating insurance in Pembroke Pines, FL, is critical. Count on McCormick Insurance Inc. to help you protect your boat from any claims made against it with a customized policy that fits your risks. Contact our team now for a quote to learn more about coverage options.

What’s Covered by a Comprehensive RV Insurance Policy?

Florida law requires residents of Pembroke Pines, FL, to obtain minimal liability coverage for their RVs. This ensures that third-party medical and property repair bills are covered if your RV is at fault for an accident. However, you’ll likely want more than the bare minimum to ensure your vehicle is fully covered. Comprehensive coverage can provide compensation for multiple forms of damage and loss, making it a wise investment for a valuable vehicle and/or a vehicle that’s used on a very regular basis.

Weather-Related Incidents

Are you concerned that a flood, hurricane, storm, hail, or tornado will damage your valuable RV? If so, comprehensive coverage can offer peace of mind. This form of insurance covers any damage caused by natural weather events. 

Collisions with Animals

Estimates show that up to two million vehicles collide with large animals every year. Even careful drivers may find it difficult, if not impossible, to swerve in time if a large animal suddenly steps onto the road. Comprehensive coverage offers compensation if your RV is damaged after a collision with any animal. 

Theft and Vandalism

An RV is a valuable investment that you’ll want to protect at all costs. Comprehensive coverage will ensure you don’t lose tens of thousands of dollars if your RV is vandalized or stolen. 

Contact McCormick Insurance Inc. for Insurance Assistance

McCormick Insurance Inc. specializes in meeting the needs of RV owners in Pembroke Pines, FL. We provide multiple RV insurance policy options to ensure your RV has the coverage that best meets your needs. Contact us today to find out more about RV insurance or to request a quote for an RV insurance policy.

Builders Risk and Vacant Remodel Coverage – What You Need to Know

Builders’ risk insurance and vacant remodel insurance protect materials used to build or update a structure. Review the coverage that each type of insurance provides. Then, select the one that is right for your upcoming construction or remodeling project.

Builders Risk

Builders’ risk coverage protects a construction project. It protects the structural materials being used and may also protect fixtures, fittings, and other accessories installed during the construction process.

Builders’ risk coverage is beneficial for projects involving structural changes. For instance, if an existing structure is going to have an additional room built onto the end of it, a builder risk policy would provide the level of protection needed during the construction process. 

Vacant Remodel

Vacant remodel coverage provides protection during a remodeling project. This type of coverage is beneficial for projects that will require modifying an existing building. However, vacant remodel coverage is only adequate for projects that will not involve any structural changes.


After choosing the type of insurance you need, decide how long you would like your policy to be active. Consider the type of project that you are going to be completing.

Factors such as inclement weather and other things could disrupt the project. Ensure that your insurance policy provides adequate protection throughout the construction project or remodeling process.

Contact McCormick Insurance Inc.

Both builders’ risk coverage and vacant remodel coverage will protect materials during an active project. Consult with one of our agents in Pembroke Pines, FL. A McCormick Insurance Inc. representative will match you with an insurance product that provides enough protection.

Do You Need the Protection of Excess Insurance?

Depending on your specific situation, you may want or need more insurance coverage than a typical policy provides. If you’re in the Pembroke Pines, FL area and have concerns about your level of coverage, McCormick Insurance Inc. can help. We’ll review your policies with you, and help you decide if excess insurance is the right choice. This differs from an umbrella policy and may provide better protection for your needs.

Excess coverage expands the limits you have on your policy, so you have more protection from claims. Most people think it’s the same as umbrella protection, but it’s not. The difference is that excess is focused on the actual policy and its expansion, whereas the umbrella is a separate policy that’s overarching and designed to come in after any of your covered policies have reached their limits. Umbrella also expands policy terms, while excess only expands coverage limits.

In short, your policy’s exact terms won’t change at all if you have excess coverage. The only difference is that your coverage limits will increase. Contractors and businesses generally use this kind of coverage because they want more protection for higher claims. If you’re operating a business and looking for additional protection and peace of mind, working with an agent can give you the support you’re looking for.

Contact us today at McCormick Insurance Inc. if you’re in the Pembroke Pines, FL, area and looking for excess insurance. We understand the importance of having enough coverage to feel secure no matter what kind of company you’re operating or the type of job you do. The first step to making sure you’re protected is to get in touch with one of our agents for a policy review.

Insurance Upgrades For Your Refurbished Watercraft

Boat Insurance: Secure Your Refurbished Boat in Pembroke Pines, FL

Refurbishing your boat not only enhances its appeal but also increases its value. This enhancement invariably necessitates a reevaluation of your current boat insurance coverage. And who better to guide you through that than an expert agent at McCormick Insurance Inc.?

Highlighting the Importance of Boat Security

Refurbishing often includes integrating advanced security features, offering added protection against theft, vandalism, and natural disasters. Detailed documentation on these upgrades will help modify your insurance policy to capture these enhancements adequately.

Insurance Implications of New Structural Materials

Refurbishment may introduce new, costlier structural materials to your boat. These materials should be included in your updated insurance policy as they are prone to theft and damage. Therefore, it is vital to keep a thorough record of them.

Mitigating the Risks of New Equipment

Some of the fascinating upgrades in refurbishment are usually the new equipment. Navigational devices, light fittings, and more are also exposed to threats such as theft, vandalism, and damage. A comprehensive list of these additions can help modify your boat insurance policy efficiently.

McCormick Insurance Inc. – Your Trusted Partner

At McCormick Insurance Inc. in Pembroke Pines, FL, our commitment goes beyond standard business transactions. We care about your refurbished boat and its security as much as you do. Consult with our experienced agents. Let us help you navigate through the insurance modification process, ensuring your precious asset gets the coverage it deserves.

Ask the Agent: What Is Inland Marine Insurance?

Inland Marine Insurance: Safeguard Your Land-Transported Goods

Don’t be misled by the term ‘marine’; Inland Marine Insurance is not water-associated. Instead, it protects the goods that you transport over land—much needed in a place like Pembroke Pines, FL. At McCormick Insurance Inc., we take pride in guiding you to the right policy as per your specific needs. Let us take you through the insurance ropes and find you the right insurance policy.

Why is Inland Marine Insurance Essential?

Be it theft, damage, or an unfortunate accident, there are plenty of risks associated with transporting goods over land. These could lead to significant financial losses if you’re shipping many items or have made large investments in them. The right insurance protection level can potentially save you from such unforeseen expenditures.

Securing the Right Coverage with McCormick Insurance Inc.

At McCormick Insurance Inc., our knowledgeable agents can help you secure the right coverage catered to all your transportation and carrier needs, from a single item to a full truckload of cargo. We believe it’s a trust-based relationship that ensures you get the most fitting insurance coverage.

Our commitment is to serve our clients in and around Pembroke Pines, FL, with the best available insurance solutions. Contact McCormick Insurance Inc. today and let us help you mitigate the risks to your transportation business, ensuring peace of mind. After all, you deserve to focus on growing your business, leaving the worries of protection to us. Get a quote and compare your options!

Calculating Your Coverage: How Much Umbrella Insurance Do You Need?

Understanding Your Umbrella: Calculating Adequate Coverage

In the vibrant community of Pembroke Pines, FL, McCormick Insurance Inc. is your go-to partner for comprehensive insurance insights. Today, we reveal the intricacies of determining the right amount of umbrella insurance coverage to shield you from life’s uncertainties.

Assessing Your Assets and Liabilities

Before deciding on umbrella insurance coverage, take stock of your assets and liabilities. Consider your home, vehicles, savings, and investments, along with any potential legal obligations. This assessment forms the foundation for determining the extent of coverage needed.

Evaluating Potential Risks

Identify potential risks that could lead to liability claims. This includes factors such as the number of vehicles you own, your involvement in community activities, and the overall lifestyle that might expose you to certain risks. Understanding these risks helps in tailoring your umbrella insurance to specific needs.

Considering Future Earnings

Anticipate your future earnings and potential income growth. Your umbrella insurance should provide coverage that aligns with your evolving financial profile. Ensuring that your policy reflects future income projections helps maintain adequate protection.

Reviewing Existing Coverage

Evaluate your existing insurance policies, including homeowners and auto insurance. The goal is to identify any coverage gaps that umbrella insurance can fill. This review ensures comprehensive protection across all aspects of your life.

Connect with McCormick Insurance Inc. for Tailored Solutions

For personalized insights into determining the right amount of umbrella insurance coverage in the Pembroke Pines, FL, region, connect with McCormick Insurance Inc. Our dedicated team is committed to providing comprehensive coverage tailored to your unique needs. Call us today or visit our website for more information and get the protection you need today.