What is excess insurance and do I need it

Pembroke Pines, FL is a wonderful place to live and do business but even in the most idyllic location that are things that can go wrong. That is why you have insurance. All types of insurance have set limits to the liability portion of the policy, business commercial insurance is no exception. Whether you are a large business or a small one, excess insurance is something that you may want to consider. At McCormick Insurance Inc. we are here to help you to make this important decision. 

Some people confuse excess insurance with umbrella insurance. In some ways they are the same, they both raise the liability limit above the original limit of the primary policy. They both do not stand alone, they are used in conjunction with another policy that you own and they are always the secondary line of defense. The purpose of the excess insurance is to fill any gaps that may exist in your coverage, It does not add additional coverage it just extends the coverage you have. Unlike umbrella insurance, it will not cover anything that is not covered in the original policy and it is specific to one particular policy, not all your policies. 

No matter what business you are conducting, you are vulnerable to having the need for liability coverage. With the addition of excess insurance, you are able to customize the insurance that you have to fit your needs. 

When you own a business in Pembroke Pines, FL even the gorgeous weather can’t protect you from all the things that can happen to you. You need to have commercial insurance to protect you and there may be circumstances that make getting an excess policy desirable. The experienced team at McCormick Insurance has the expertise to help you to make sure that your business and your assets are safe. 

Why You Need Builders and Vacant Risk Insurance

Home insurance is one of the most common forms of insurance for people in the Pembroke Pines, FL area. While this type of insurance is fine for someone that is looking to buy a home and move right in, those that are getting one that will need some work and will be vacant for a while should also consider builders and vacant risk insurance. This insurance will cover you in several different ways.

Covers Home During Vacancy

If you buy a home and do not plan on moving in for some time, whether it is because the property is being renovated or moving will take a while, you should consider getting builders and vacant risk insurance. This type of insurance will insure you further during the period of time in which your home is vacant. It may be a requirement based on how long it will be vacant depending on your home insurance policy.

Covers Property Under Construction

Homes that are being built ground up or are being heavily renovated come with a unique set of risks. Due to this, you need the right insurance to protect against these risks. Builders and vacant risk will provide coverage for your home during the construction or renovation process. 

There are clearly many reasons why having builders and vacant risk insurance is a good idea for someone in the Pembroke Pines, FL area. If you need this type of insurance, working with a professional such as the team at McCormick Insurance Inc. will help get you into a great policy. The team at McCormick Insurance Inc. can help you by assessing your situation to determine if builders and vacant risk insurance are right for you. If it is, they can help you get into a policy that provides these unique protections. 

Tips to Make Docking Safe and Easy

There is nothing better than spending the day on the water in Pembroke Pines, FL, unfortunately, at some point you’ll have to dock the boat, which is a commonly dreaded task for almost all boaters. Regardless of the size of your boat, the wind or the current, it is the close-quarter maneuvering that requires patience and calmness. The good news, there are a few tricks to help make docking safer and easier. Here are a few tips from McCormick Insurance Inc. to help make docking safe and easy.

Approach at a Safe Speed

It is extremely important that you never approach the dock at rate of speed that you want to hit it. Some people like to play around by shifting and throttle, but if the best boater can misjudge the drift and distance or stall the engine, which only leaves the boat, stalled until it regains momentum. The safest way to approach the dock is a slow, steady speed and always be alert to your surroundings.

Keep Arms and Legs Inside the vessel

It is critical that you warn your passengers to keep their legs and arms inside the boat and away from any points of pinching between the dock and the boat. The safest move is to have suspended fenders in place in case the boat lands harder than expected. Arms and legs outside the boat are at risk of serious injury, especially should you hit the dock hard or if there is any debris alongside the dock.

Gauge the Wind

The wind is a primary enemy of boaters, especially when docking. It’s important to gauge the wind force and the direction before heading into the dock; this will help you determine whether you can overcome it or benefit from it. For instance, docking is often easier when the wind is pushing in the direction of the pier. It’s also best to approach a mooring against the current, so always gauge the current when docking; the momentum and direction determine the safest approach.

Remember there’s only one captain on the boat, so don’t get overwhelmed with passengers interfering with your docking plans. Always have a clear plan and prepare all passengers for the landing. Experience and knowledge are key to a fun and safe boating, so always be mindful of surroundings and make sure all passengers wear life jackets.

Residents of Pembroke Pines, FL that are interested in learning more information about boat insurance or upgrading their policy should contact McCormick Insurance Inc.

A short guide to boat insurance

As a boat owner in the Pembroke Pines, FL area, it is critical to have the correct insurance in place to make sure your asset is protected in the event it is damaged, or you are sued. The specialists at McCormick Insurance Inc. are to help guide you to understand the various boating insurance options and put together a plan that is right for you. 

The types of boats that need insurance

Many people assume that a homeowner’s policy will provide coverage for boats; however, that coverage is minimal. It is meant to cover boats such as a canoe or a very small boat with an engine. If you have a larger or expensive boat, such as a yacht, sailboat, or any vessel that goes over 25 MPH, you will need a separate insurance policy. 

The types of coverages available under a boat policy

For the most part, boat insurance is a liability policy that will protect you against claims for damages or injuries caused by your boat. A boat insurance policy may also cover the following, check with your agent to confirm which coverages you have under your policy. 

Guest passenger liability which covers others who drive your boat with your permission 

Medical expense coverage that pays the medical expenses of you and your passengers 

Damage to equipment attached to the boat such as an anchor

Coverage for theft and vandalism 

The types of value under a boat policy

There are two types of methods to determine how you will be paid in the event your boat is damaged or destroyed. 

The actual value is when the insurer will pay you the market value of your boat at the time it was destroyed. 

Agreed to value means you and your insurer come up with an agreed-to amount before you purchase the policy.

If you are interested in learning more about boating insurance, reach out to an agent at McCormick Insurance Inc. today. We proudly serve the area Pembroke Pines, FL area.

3 Ways to Prevent My Recreational Vehicle From Being Stolen

Recreational vehicles and motor homes are designed to be your home away from home. It’s important. Residents living in Pembroke Pines, FL can protect their recreational vehicles and prevent them from being stolen by following a few simple tips. The agents at McCormick Insurance Inc. can give you sound advice on how to secure your property no matter where you are.

Keep It Locked

Keep your recreational vehicle locked at all times. Even if you are only parking it for a short period of time, always make sure all of the doors and compartments are locked and secured. This not only protects you from theft, but it also protects you from stowaways.

Install A Security System 

Many motor homes and recreational vehicles are being equipped with smart devices. Installing a home security system with a couple of security cameras is a great way to deter potential thieves from making your RV their next target. A DIY system is easy to install and can be monitored using a mobile app.

Always Park in Well Lit Areas

Always park your recreational vehicle in well-lit areas. Even when you are camping at a campground, ask for a spot that is near to a street light.  Being in a well-lit area makes it more difficult to get into your RV and then get away without being seen. If you choose to install a DIY home security system, many come with motion sensors that will turn on a floodlight, illuminating the area around your RV.

The agents at McCormick Insurance Inc. can help the residents of Pembroke Pines, FL get the recreational vehicle insurance they need to protect their property. Call and schedule a consultation today to find out how recreational vehicle insurance will help you!

Common liability claims that require umbrella insurance

An umbrella policy will help protect your assets in the event you are found at fault in a liability claim. There are various claims that almost certainly will need additional limits from an umbrella policy. If you are living in the Pembroke Pines, FL area and are unsure if you have adequate umbrella limits reach out to an agent at McCormick Insurance Inc. today.

Teen Driver Auto Claims 

Even the most cautious teen driver is much more likely to be a fault in a car accident. Teens are responsible for close to 10% of all fatality crashes annually. A car crash involving a fatality can result in a high liability lawsuit that will quickly cause you to go through your primary policy limits. An umbrella policy will help mitigate the increased risk of having a teen driver on your policy. 

Dog bite claims 

If you are a dog owner, it is imperative that you consider an umbrella policy. There is a good chance that your homeowners’ policy excludes or restricts coverage for dog bites. Dog bite claims can quickly add up, and you could be on the hook for a third party’s’ medical bills in addition to large sums for pain and suffering. 

Children playdate injuries 

If you have your kids’ friends over for playdates regularly, you may want to consider an umbrella policy to cover you in the event a child is injured. An umbrella policy is even more critical if you have a house with a pool, trampoline, or other activities that significantly increase the risk of someone being injured. If you enjoy entertaining, especially children, an umbrella policy will give you peace of mind that you will have enough coverage above your homeowners’ policy in the event of an injury. 

If you would like to learn more about umbrella coverage, reach out to McCormick Insurance Inc. today. We proudly serve the Pembroke Pines, FL area. 

What Protection Does Flood Insurance Offer?

Unless you live in a flood-prone area, it’s not mandatory to have flood insurance coverage in Florida. If your home is damaged by flooding, however, you risk substantial financial loss. As hurricanes and tropical storms are quite common in the Sunshine State, it’s to your advantage to protect your property against flooding. A flood insurance policy from McCormick Insurance Inc. in Pembroke Pines, FL can offer you the following protection against floods:

Building Coverage

Flood insurance covers damage to your home’s structure up to the amount of $250,000. This coverage includes repairing (or replacing) your home’s foundation, walls, electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems, kitchen appliances, carpeting and built-in structures (cabinets, paneling, etc.)

If your home has a detached garage, you can use up to 10% of your building coverage to cover repairs caused by floodwaters. Your flood policy will also pay to remove debris so this cost doesn’t come out-of-pocket.

Contents Coverage

Flood insurance protects your personal effects to include clothing, electronics, furniture, artwork, jewelry, etc. up to the amount of $100,000, making it easier to replace these goods after a disaster. As standard homeowners’ insurance doesn’t cover flood damage, flood insurance can be a lifesaver in helping you recover from flood disasters.   

What Isn’t Covered by Flood Insurance

It’s also good to know what’s not covered in a flood policy so you can be prepared to pay for this damage through other coverage or out-of-pocket.

Flood insurance doesn’t cover mold or mildew damage not caused by flooding incidents, earth movement damage, damage to landscaping or outside structures (pool, hot tub, walkways) or additional living expenses while your home is being repaired.

To learn more about flood insurance coverage and costs for your Pembroke Pines, FL home, contact your McCormick Insurance Inc. agent today.

Getting Life Insurance? Avoid These Costly Mistakes

Life insurance can give your family the financial security they need to carry on upon your demise. Choosing the right life insurance coverage is key to giving your family the protection they need. By discussing life insurance options with an agent from McCormick Insurance Inc. in Pembroke Pines, FL, you can avoid costly mistakes in your coverage. Here are some common mistakes people make when selecting life insurance policies:  

Not Shopping Around

To get quality coverage at reasonable costs, you need to shop around and compare what different insurers have to offer. Research your options with reputable insurers in your area to get a good idea of what’s available within your budget.

Selecting the Wrong Policy

Make sure you understand the difference between term life and permanent life policies. Term life insurance is purchased for a specific time period such as 10, 20 or 30 years. If you pass during that time period, your family receives death benefits according to your policy. Permanent life insurance lasts your entire life and accrues cash value as time goes by. When selecting a policy, consider what you want from your investment, taking into consideration policy costs.    

Getting Insufficient Coverage

Many people skimp on coverage to reduce life insurance costs. Skimping on coverage could result in insufficient protection for your family. When calculating coverage, consider such factors as your debts, assets, income, health, life and financial needs of your family. Make sure the amount of coverage is sufficient to provide the financial security your family needs.

Not Buying Early Enough  

Life insurance is cheaper when purchased at a young age. The older you get, the higher the policies cost. As you age, you may come down with a serious health condition that also increases life insurance costs.

For quality life insurance coverage at affordable costs, contact McCormick Insurance Inc. in Pembroke Pines, FL.

Can You Insure a Non-Traditional Home on a Home Insurance Policy?

When it comes to insuring a home there are some stipulations that do need to be met in order to be able to add a residence to the policy. The main issue is, of course, the zoning of the property in question. For those that live in the Pembroke, FL area, the agents with McCormick Insurance Inc. can help you to find the best home policy, no matter what type of home you live in.

For the most part, a home is a place where people live and that is on a property that is zoned as residential. This means that a home must be on a piece of land that is zoned for residential use rather than commercial. With any home policy, your agent is going to come to the home to help value it, to determine what sort of policy is going to protect it best, and to tailor the coverage as needed. This is an essential step and with a good insurance agent, you can get your home insured perfectly.

Even homes that are non-traditional like converted spaces that have been made into homes can be insured on home policies. Say you have a grain silo that has been converted into a home, if the property is rezoned residential and space fits all the safety requirements to be considered a home, then you can insure it on a home policy. You will, of course, need an agent to help you to evaluate your home and make sure it fits the requirements to be insured as a home.

For those in the Pembroke Pines, FL area, the agents with McCormick Insurance Inc. can help you to insure your home, be it traditional or a little out there.

Driving Safety Tips for Hurricane Season

During hurricane season you have a lot of extra tasks to think about and do. You might need to evacuate your home and purchase extra supplies for weathering the storm. You also need to be prepared for driving conditions that are different from usual. With that in mind, here are some driving safety tips courtesy of McCormick Insurance Inc. serving Pembroke Pines, FL.

Fuel Up

Make sure your vehicle has a full tank of gas well before a storm is expected to arrive. For one thing, this will also you the flexibility of being able to travel out of your area if needed.

Prepare for Traffic

As people run around town doing their hurricane preparation errands and during times that people are evacuating, you can expect heavy traffic and gridlock. Maintain a large enough space between you and the cars around you. Have bottled water, snacks and flashlights in your vehicle at all times.

Stay Off the Road

One of the best safety tips isn’t quite a safety tip, because it involves not driving. Yes, if you can, avoid driving as much as you possibly can. Leave the roads open for people who really have to travel.

Avoid Flooded Areas

With the heavy rains of hurricanes can come floods. Avoid flooded streets at all costs. Turn around, and head for higher land that is dry.

Slow Down

During hurricane season don’t try to be in a hurry while driving. Instead, keep at the speed limit, or even slower if possible.

It doesn’t take much time to learn about and implement these safety tips. And you’ll be glad you did. Remember to use common sense, and be extra cautious and wise during hurricane season.