Enhance Your RV Insurance Protection: Additional Coverage Options to Consider

Adventuring on the open road, exploring new destinations, and enjoying the outdoors make RVing an enticing adventure. McCormick Insurance Inc. explains some additional coverage options available to Pembroke Pines, FL RV owners.

1. Roadside Assistance Coverage 

When you hit the road for an extended period, it’s not uncommon for your RV to encounter some common problems, such as a flat tire, dead battery, or even running out of gas.

2. Vacation Liability Coverage

As an RV owner, you may wish to entertain guests while parked in your campsite or RV park. A vacation liability coverage option can cover you in case the guests get hurt while in your RV or property damage happens during their stay. This coverage can provide liability protection up to a specified limit.

3. Personal Belongings Coverage

Personal belongings coverage is an excellent option to consider adding to your RV insurance policy to protect your valuables on the road. Think of your mobile phone, camera, laptop, clothing, and other personal gadgets you need to make your RV trip memorable. In the event of damage, theft, or loss, personal belongings coverage includes repair or replacement costs up to a specified limit.

4. Total Loss Replacement Coverage

If you experience total loss of your RV because of an accident or theft, this insurance option helps you replace your RV with a new one. Total loss replacement provides more comprehensive coverage than standard RV insurance policies, which may offer less coverage for the current market value of your RV.

There are many options to enhance your RV insurance coverage. If you’re an RV owner in Pembroke Pines, FL, talk to McCormick Insurance Inc. about the different coverage options available Safe and happy trails!