Builders Risk and Vacant Remodel Coverage – What You Need to Know

Builders’ risk insurance and vacant remodel insurance protect materials used to build or update a structure. Review the coverage that each type of insurance provides. Then, select the one that is right for your upcoming construction or remodeling project.

Builders Risk

Builders’ risk coverage protects a construction project. It protects the structural materials being used and may also protect fixtures, fittings, and other accessories installed during the construction process.

Builders’ risk coverage is beneficial for projects involving structural changes. For instance, if an existing structure is going to have an additional room built onto the end of it, a builder risk policy would provide the level of protection needed during the construction process. 

Vacant Remodel

Vacant remodel coverage provides protection during a remodeling project. This type of coverage is beneficial for projects that will require modifying an existing building. However, vacant remodel coverage is only adequate for projects that will not involve any structural changes.


After choosing the type of insurance you need, decide how long you would like your policy to be active. Consider the type of project that you are going to be completing.

Factors such as inclement weather and other things could disrupt the project. Ensure that your insurance policy provides adequate protection throughout the construction project or remodeling process.

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Both builders’ risk coverage and vacant remodel coverage will protect materials during an active project. Consult with one of our agents in Pembroke Pines, FL. A McCormick Insurance Inc. representative will match you with an insurance product that provides enough protection.