What’s Covered by a Comprehensive RV Insurance Policy?

Florida law requires residents of Pembroke Pines, FL, to obtain minimal liability coverage for their RVs. This ensures that third-party medical and property repair bills are covered if your RV is at fault for an accident. However, you’ll likely want more than the bare minimum to ensure your vehicle is fully covered. Comprehensive coverage can provide compensation for multiple forms of damage and loss, making it a wise investment for a valuable vehicle and/or a vehicle that’s used on a very regular basis.

Weather-Related Incidents

Are you concerned that a flood, hurricane, storm, hail, or tornado will damage your valuable RV? If so, comprehensive coverage can offer peace of mind. This form of insurance covers any damage caused by natural weather events. 

Collisions with Animals

Estimates show that up to two million vehicles collide with large animals every year. Even careful drivers may find it difficult, if not impossible, to swerve in time if a large animal suddenly steps onto the road. Comprehensive coverage offers compensation if your RV is damaged after a collision with any animal. 

Theft and Vandalism

An RV is a valuable investment that you’ll want to protect at all costs. Comprehensive coverage will ensure you don’t lose tens of thousands of dollars if your RV is vandalized or stolen. 

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