Do You Need the Protection of Excess Insurance?

Depending on your specific situation, you may want or need more insurance coverage than a typical policy provides. If you’re in the Pembroke Pines, FL area and have concerns about your level of coverage, McCormick Insurance Inc. can help. We’ll review your policies with you, and help you decide if excess insurance is the right choice. This differs from an umbrella policy and may provide better protection for your needs.

Excess coverage expands the limits you have on your policy, so you have more protection from claims. Most people think it’s the same as umbrella protection, but it’s not. The difference is that excess is focused on the actual policy and its expansion, whereas the umbrella is a separate policy that’s overarching and designed to come in after any of your covered policies have reached their limits. Umbrella also expands policy terms, while excess only expands coverage limits.

In short, your policy’s exact terms won’t change at all if you have excess coverage. The only difference is that your coverage limits will increase. Contractors and businesses generally use this kind of coverage because they want more protection for higher claims. If you’re operating a business and looking for additional protection and peace of mind, working with an agent can give you the support you’re looking for.

Contact us today at McCormick Insurance Inc. if you’re in the Pembroke Pines, FL, area and looking for excess insurance. We understand the importance of having enough coverage to feel secure no matter what kind of company you’re operating or the type of job you do. The first step to making sure you’re protected is to get in touch with one of our agents for a policy review.