Driving Safety Tips for Hurricane Season

During hurricane season you have a lot of extra tasks to think about and do. You might need to evacuate your home and purchase extra supplies for weathering the storm. You also need to be prepared for driving conditions that are different from usual. With that in mind, here are some driving safety tips courtesy of McCormick Insurance Inc. serving Pembroke Pines, FL.

Fuel Up

Make sure your vehicle has a full tank of gas well before a storm is expected to arrive. For one thing, this will also you the flexibility of being able to travel out of your area if needed.

Prepare for Traffic

As people run around town doing their hurricane preparation errands and during times that people are evacuating, you can expect heavy traffic and gridlock. Maintain a large enough space between you and the cars around you. Have bottled water, snacks and flashlights in your vehicle at all times.

Stay Off the Road

One of the best safety tips isn’t quite a safety tip, because it involves not driving. Yes, if you can, avoid driving as much as you possibly can. Leave the roads open for people who really have to travel.

Avoid Flooded Areas

With the heavy rains of hurricanes can come floods. Avoid flooded streets at all costs. Turn around, and head for higher land that is dry.

Slow Down

During hurricane season don’t try to be in a hurry while driving. Instead, keep at the speed limit, or even slower if possible.

It doesn’t take much time to learn about and implement these safety tips. And you’ll be glad you did. Remember to use common sense, and be extra cautious and wise during hurricane season.