Can You Insure a Non-Traditional Home on a Home Insurance Policy?

When it comes to insuring a home there are some stipulations that do need to be met in order to be able to add a residence to the policy. The main issue is, of course, the zoning of the property in question. For those that live in the Pembroke, FL area, the agents with McCormick Insurance Inc. can help you to find the best home policy, no matter what type of home you live in.

For the most part, a home is a place where people live and that is on a property that is zoned as residential. This means that a home must be on a piece of land that is zoned for residential use rather than commercial. With any home policy, your agent is going to come to the home to help value it, to determine what sort of policy is going to protect it best, and to tailor the coverage as needed. This is an essential step and with a good insurance agent, you can get your home insured perfectly.

Even homes that are non-traditional like converted spaces that have been made into homes can be insured on home policies. Say you have a grain silo that has been converted into a home, if the property is rezoned residential and space fits all the safety requirements to be considered a home, then you can insure it on a home policy. You will, of course, need an agent to help you to evaluate your home and make sure it fits the requirements to be insured as a home.

For those in the Pembroke Pines, FL area, the agents with McCormick Insurance Inc. can help you to insure your home, be it traditional or a little out there.

How Home Insurance Protects Your Outdoor Structures

Most homeowners find the need to purchase an outdoor building or shop. Some also find the need for unattached garages. These buildings house outdoor equipment, hobbies, and vehicles. They are often the keepers of high-value purchases being stored securely. No matter if you have purchased a building or plan to do so, make sure that your home insurance policy is aware of the structure so that it, too, can be covered on your policy. For residents living in or around the Pembroke Pines, FL area, McCormick Insurance Inc. has your next policy.

What is considered an outdoor structure?

The traditional shop, shed, or storage building automatically qualifies as an outdoor structure. However, other structures found on private properties also qualify for coverage. If you have a property fence or a pool in your backyard, these structures are also considered outdoor structures and qualify for coverage. Whether you have an in-ground or above-ground pool, all of these items are covered just like your home structure and are subject to equal coverage in the event of a disaster.

Disaster Strikes

Often times our outdoor structures fall victim to disaster damages. From wind breaking a rotting tree and letting it fall on these buildings to an accidental fire destroying them, disaster can strike your outdoor structures in a similar manner as your home. With other structures listed on your policy, coverage is available. Under these circumstances, the structures and the contents found within them can be covered. 


Like your home coverage, liability is also included in these outdoor structures. If a guest should suffer bodily injury in one of the outdoor structures, your home insurance policy will cover the medical expenses or fees associated with the incident.

If you are in the Pembroke Pines, FL area and looking to update your home insurance policy, look no further than McCormick Insurance Inc.  One of our agents would be happy to assist you with a new or updated policy today. 


Tips for Improving Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Working on your home’s curb appeal increase the value of your home in case you want to list it. Also, it affords you and your loved ones a comfortable and elegant living space to call home. Your guests will also find the space welcoming.  

Here are a few tips that will make your home’s exterior exceptionally great:-

Get rid of any junk
Any junk on your lawn sticks out like a sore thumb. Such could include furniture, swing sets, old and unused vehicles, garden hoses, and so on. The garbage can should also be out of sight. The idea is to get rid of anything that is not being used and keep the lawn as clutter free as possible. 

Plant some vegetation or shrubs
Hanging plants are a great way of improving your home’s curb appeal, especially when they are strategically placed. In most cases, a house’s foundation may not be as appealing. Should this be the case, camouflage it with flowering or large-leafed plants. Keep the garden free of weeds. If you do not have room for a garden, consider potted plants or flowers. 

Keep any plants or trees pruned
Mowing your lawn is not the only way to keep your yard neat, rather, ensure that the trees and shrubs planted therein are well tended and pruned. Rake any fallen leaves and replace any barren trees on your curb. 

Finally, as you focus on elevating your home’s exteriors, ensure that you take up a home insurance cover. A home insurance cover cushions you financially in case an insured event renders it inhabitable. Besides, having a home insurance policy covers you against claims should someone be injured within your property. 
For a free quote on your Pembroke Pines, FL home insurance coverage, contact McCormick Insurance Inc. today. 

Should You Keep Your Home Insurance Once Your Mortgage Is Paid?

If you financed your home, you are aware that you must maintain home insurance while you are paying off your loan. However, many people are unclear about the specifics of their coverage and the protection a home insurance policy offers. After you pay for your home, you may be wondering if you need to carry homeowners’ insurance. 

Should You Keep Your Home Insurance?

Paying off your mortgage is quite an accomplishment. It means less financial burden and a chance to breathe a little easier. Some may be tempted to free up additional money by canceling their insurance policy. This is a potentially disastrous choice because your homeowners’ insurance protects you from financial losses due to covered events such as fire or theft. You home insurance gives you a layer of protection to help you safeguard from potential losses that could create a devastating loss.

Get The Right Protection

Once of the most important decisions you make as a homeowner is selecting your homeowners’ insurance policy. Not all policies are the same and you must choose an option that fits your individual needs and lifestyle. Reputable insurance providers such as McCormick Insurance Inc. serves the citizens in and around Pembroke Pines, FL. They can sit down with you one on one and outline the fine print and answer any questions you have before you make a decision.

Don’t talk chances with your financial future once your mortgage is paid off. Make sure you continue your coverage with a provider that serves Pembroke Pines, FL and the surrounding areas with quality insurance products that protect you from loss. Call or stop by McCormick Insurance Inc. today and safeguard your financial future.

5 Ways to Minimize the Risk of Home Water Damage

If you have home insurance coverage from McCormick Insurance Inc. chances are your home in Pembroke Pines, FL is protected against water damage. By taking measures to prevent water damage, however, you may never have to file a water damage claim. Here are a few ways you can prevent water from causing damage to your home.

Fix Indoor Water Leaks

Even small water leaks can cause a lot of damage over time. Left unchecked, water leaks can rot wooden cabinets and floors, stain ceilings and walls and produce mold. By fixing indoor water leaks immediately, you can minimize the risk of water damage.   

Roof Maintenance and Repair

Check your roof annually for signs of missing or damaged shingles that can allow water to leak through and damage your property. Roof maintenance is key to protecting your home and personal goods from rainstorms.   

Maintain Landscaping

When planting trees or shrubs, avoid areas close to water lines as their roots could burst underground pipes and cause water to seep into your home. The more careful you are with your landscaping, the fewer chances of invasive shrub or tree roots damaging water pipes and causing water damage to your home.     

Clear Out Gutters

Clearing out gutters and downspouts periodically will prevent rainwater from backing up on your roof or spilling onto the side of your home and causing structural damage to your property.

Avoid the Use of Chemical Drain Cleaners

If you suffer from clogged drains, use a drain snake to clear the clog as opposed to chemical cleaners. Chemical cleaners can dissolve your water pipes, producing leaks that can cause water damage to your structure.

For more water damage prevention tips or information on home insurance to protect your property, contact us at McCormick Insurance Inc. in Pembroke Pines, FL.

Tips for Building a New Home

If you are going to be building a new home, there are many things you will want to keep in mind, especially if this is the first time you have ever built a home. Let’s take a quick look at what you should keep in mind and several tips for making sure your home gets built right the first time around. 

You need blueprints

First and foremost, you need to make sure you have detailed blueprints for your home. From the thickness of the walls to where the plumbing will be dug into the ground, everything has to be mapped out to ensure your home is built correctly. If you are wanting to create the layout of your home, you can always create your own blueprint and then take it to a professional to have the other pertinent parts of the blueprint that are needed, such as plumbing and electrical details. 

Team up with the right contractor

It is also imperative that you team up with the right contractor because you want to make sure the company can meet all of your needs and preferences. Take for example that you are wanting to achieve a certain look — contemporary. If so, you need a contractor that has much experience in building contemporary looking homes. The contractor you choose should also have the proper type of insurance; this helps ensure you are protected in the event the contractor does something wrong during the construction process. 

To learn more about building a house and protecting it with proper home insurance coverage, contact McCormick Insurance Inc. serving the Pembroke Pines, FL area. 


What are the Minimum Insurance Requirements for Residents Who Live in Pembroke Pines, FL

Residents who live in Pembroke Pines, FL can find out the minimum insurance requirements for their vehicles from the knowledgeable of McCormick Insurance Inc. Having the amount of insurance required by law protects both you and your property from damage and liability. Even residents who only live in the state of Florida for only half a year must have insurance coverage that either meets or exceeds the state’s minimum requirements. If you have questions about whether or not you are legally covered in Florida, talk to a reputable insurance agent. 

According to Florida state law, the minimum coverage for auto insurance includes personal injury protection for $10,000 and property damage liability of at least $10,000. When an individual has been convicted of certain traffic offenses or has been involved in accidents involving certain factors, such as drugs or alcohol, the Department of Motor Vehicles may require the person to add bodily injury liability coverage to their policy. While this protects the insured’s property, it also protects the property of others as well as any bodily injury that may be caused in the event of an accident.

The agents of McCormick Insurance Inc. offer their services to the residents of Pembroke Pines, FL. It is important to make sure that your vehicles are at least covered by the minimum amount of insurance on your vehicle. Without the right amount of insurance, you can be fined by the courts if you are involved in an auto accident. It is important to make sure both you and your property are full protected according to the laws of the state of Florida. 

Practical Tips to Reducing the Cost of Your Home Insurance Premium

Reducing home insurance costs provides consumers with extra funds to spend on personal wants or needs. Here are a few practical ways homeowners in Pembroke Pines, FL can save on home insurance prices without compromising their coverage.

Get Rid of Redundant Coverage

Carefully review your policy to see if it covers items you no longer have or need. If your policy covers an old storage or garden shed that’s not being used, you can save money by eliminating this structure and its coverage. You could also drop coverage on land to reduce insurance costs. By personalizing your policy with McCormick Insurance Inc. you ensure you have coverage for the most important aspects of your home and save money on your insurance premium.

Bundle Policies

If you own more than one home or vehicle, you can bundle your policies with the same insurance company to save on insurance costs.  

Improve Home Security

Installing extra security features such as alarm system, security cameras, smoke detectors, dead bolts, etc. could qualify you for a discount on your home insurance premium. By talking to your insurance agent, you can get a better idea of what security and safety features make you eligible for reduced prices on your homeowner’s insurance.

Make Home Improvements    

Home improvements that enhance home safety such as upgrading electrical and plumbing systems, installing storm shutters and fortifying your home’s roof can help lower insurance costs. Improving the safety and security of your home is an investment that has long-term benefits in the form of reduced costs for home insurance.    

Before making changes to your home or policy, discuss your options with McCormick Insurance Inc. in Pembroke Pines, FL. Your McCormick Insurance agent can give you greater insight into a personalized home insurance package that’s within your financial means.  

McCormick Insurance Inc. Helps Pembroke Pines, FL Residents Avoid Being Underinsured

Mortgage lenders usually insist that you have a homeowners policy in place to protect the bank’s investment. While the State of Florida doesn’t make people carry insurance, it’s wise for every homeowner to have protection. But understanding how much and what type of policy can be complicated. At McCormick Insurance Inc., our professionals are available to help members of the Pembroke Pines, FL community select a policy that meets your needs. We’ll work to answer your questions and help you avoid being underinsured.

Replacement Costs

It’s a common error for homeowners to associate the value of their homes with replacement costs. That happens because properties can depreciate in some ways and the home market fluctuates. In Florida, policies are supposed to be based on replacement costs. But arriving at a comprehensive figure can be difficult.

The average home replacement cost can run about $150 per square foot. And while you may be able to rebuild a home at that price, it won’t likely include any high-end detail or specialized materials. That number also doesn’t necessarily account for razing, removing debris or recent changes in building code compliance.

The basic point is that replacement costs are fluid and it’s important that you revisit and update your policy on a regular basis.

Flood and Natural Catastrophe Insurance

We’re all well aware that Florida has endured its share of hurricanes, floods, and natural disasters. What many homeowners often overlook the fact that most policies do not cover flooding and other devastating losses. It’s imperative that you have appropriate, additional coverage in the event of a loss. The last thing you want is to be hit with the major cost of flood damage remediation.

At McCormick Insurance Inc., we are committed to serving the good people of Pembroke Pines, FL. Our insurance professionals are available to create a policy or update an existing one that provides you with secure coverage.


Getting More From Your Home Insurance in Pembroke Pines

Your home insurance doesn’t have to be another expense that takes a chunk out of your wallet. It can be the very thing that saves your wallet when your back is against the wall. If you remember this when times are good, you won’t have to kick yourself when events take a turn for the worst. McCormick Insurance Inc. serves the people of Pembroke Pines, FL, and can give you a few tips to consider when it comes to getting more. 

The Facts of Home Insurance 

Policies have varying applications of coverage, and many homeowners aren’t sure when it can help and when it can’t. This is a sure-fire way to end up on the wrong side of the fence if a criminal breaks into your home, you’re sued by the mailman for an errant branch left in the yard or if a major storm destroys your new granite countertops. The majority of people will assume that their possessions will be covered, when in actuality they never made that stipulation. If you haven’t seen your home insurance policy for a few years, it might be time to give someone a call to talk about how much would actually be replaced in the event of an emergency. 

Seeing Insurance Clearly 

If you want to get more from your home insurance, then now is the time to figure out just how and what insurance can do for you.  If you’re looking for more information than can be covered in this blog post, then there are people who can help you. Our agency is poised to help you find the coverage that fits your needs, budget, and lifestyle. If you live in Pembroke Pines, FL, then give McCormick Insurance Inc. a call today for more information.