What Is Home Insurance?

McCormick Insurance Inc. is helping Pembroke Pines, FL residents to get home insurance covers that take care of their properties in cases of disasters. A home insurance policy is a legal necessity for all property owners in Florida, so, as a new homeowner, you’ll be required to have one.

Home insurance is a very broad term that refers to an insurance policy providing protection coverage or personal liability coverage to property owners. Home insurance is designed to help in financial reimbursement to the renter or the house owner in case of damage and theft.

Several things are covered by home insurance, and having a comprehensive understanding of these things eliminates situations where homeowners are frustrated by insurance companies as they seek financial reimbursement. Some of the issues covered include earthquakes, floods, fire, hurricanes, or any other natural disaster, causing injuries or damages to the property.

Damages and Liabilities Covered

Depending on the insurance company one is working with, there is an expectation that most of the damages will be covered in case of a disaster. Repairing structural damages, replacement of damaged personal house items, and sometimes a total rebuilding of the entire structure are necessary. The home insurance policy also covers any neighbor who has been injured within the property.

However, there are some exceptions to the types of items covered by a home insurance policy. The home insurance cover will not cover costly assets that have been damaged within the property. An additional insurance policy covers such items.

Do You Need Home Insurance?

As a resident of Pembroke Pines, FL, there is no doubt you will significantly benefit by having a home insurance policy. The insurance team at McCormick Insurance Inc. will guide you through the application process while offering additional information you may need on home insurance. Contact us today.