Why Boat Insurance is a Must

Unlike auto insurance, most states with the exception of Utah and Arkansas, do not require that you carry boat insurance on your watercraft. However, with the explosion of water-related activities in the last few years boating is becoming exponentially more popular which is leading to more crowded waterways and an increase in accidents. Let’s face it – boats are not inexpensive and whether you cause an accident or someone else does it is going to be a hefty bill to return your boat to its original state. Consequently, having boat insurance can help protect your valuable investment and favorite livelihood by helping to pay for everything from storm damage to theft to third party accident-related incidents to damage caused by uninsured boaters.

In addition to protecting your boat while in the water, boat insurance can also protect it during the offseason when it is being stored in a marina or another building. Given that these locations are often unmanned in the winter months, there is a greater risk of vandalism and theft but with boat insurance, you’ll be protected. While it may be tempting to believe that your homeowner’s insurance policy will cover your boat, it will likely only offer limited coverage when it is being stored at your home – not on the water or at the marina.

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