Who is covered by my home insurance?

For most homeowners in Pembroke Pines, FL, home insurance is critical coverage that helps protect their investment.  The all-around policy is designed to protect every aspect of your home, but does it really cover everyone living with you? To avoid confusion and misinformation, McCormick Insurance Inc. decided to create this post to help you understand better who is covered in your home insurance policy.


As a homeowner, you can be sued or held liable for many things, whether you are at fault or not. Your home insurance can help cover most lawsuits, such as a neighbor suing you for water damage that entered their home from your overflowing swimming pool.  You can also be held liable when a guest’s child gets injured after tripping on your slippery floor.

Family members

Your family members, including children, parents, cousins, and other relatives who live with you, are covered. Be sure to write all their names when purchasing the policy to avoid claim rejection. Home insurance covers lawsuits and property damage your family members cause to other people.


Your pets are part of your family and, therefore, part of your home insurance policy. However, not all pets are covered. The most commonly covered pets in Pembroke Pines, FL are dogs and cats. So, if you’re keeping other types of pets, be sure to ask whether they will be covered or whether you’ll need separate pet insurance.

Guests and other people

Your friends, neighbors, and anyone that visits your home can be compensated if accidentally injured while at your home. The policy pays medical expenses and legal fees in case you’re sued.  For instance, if you hold a party and one of your friends drinks too much, and they end up causing a road accident while driving, your insurance policy can help pay for the damage or injuries on their behalf.

Remember, the policy doesn’t cover intentional acts. For more information, quotes and queries, be sure to call McCormick Insurance Inc. today.