What is excess insurance and do I need it

Pembroke Pines, FL is a wonderful place to live and do business but even in the most idyllic location that are things that can go wrong. That is why you have insurance. All types of insurance have set limits to the liability portion of the policy, business commercial insurance is no exception. Whether you are a large business or a small one, excess insurance is something that you may want to consider. At McCormick Insurance Inc. we are here to help you to make this important decision. 

Some people confuse excess insurance with umbrella insurance. In some ways they are the same, they both raise the liability limit above the original limit of the primary policy. They both do not stand alone, they are used in conjunction with another policy that you own and they are always the secondary line of defense. The purpose of the excess insurance is to fill any gaps that may exist in your coverage, It does not add additional coverage it just extends the coverage you have. Unlike umbrella insurance, it will not cover anything that is not covered in the original policy and it is specific to one particular policy, not all your policies. 

No matter what business you are conducting, you are vulnerable to having the need for liability coverage. With the addition of excess insurance, you are able to customize the insurance that you have to fit your needs. 

When you own a business in Pembroke Pines, FL even the gorgeous weather can’t protect you from all the things that can happen to you. You need to have commercial insurance to protect you and there may be circumstances that make getting an excess policy desirable. The experienced team at McCormick Insurance has the expertise to help you to make sure that your business and your assets are safe.