Navigating Builder’s and Vacant Risk Insurance in the Sunshine State

Many Florida builders and property owners learned the perils of leaving construction sites or vacant properties without the proper insurance coverage by shelling out thousands of dollars in damages or costs. 

Looking for ways to safeguard your construction project, or if you have vacant properties around the Sunshine State? Consider getting Builder’s and Vacant Risk Insurance to protect your investment!

Talk to an experienced agent at McCormick Insurance Inc. to learn about your best options for coverage. 

What is Builder’s and Vacant Risk Insurance, and Why Do I Need it?

What is Builder’s Insurance?

Builder’s Insurance is a special form of construction insurance that safeguards properties from damage and loss while they are still in the construction phase. 

Why Florida Builders Need It?

Protect your Pembroke Pines, FL investments from a multitude of risks while under construction. 

Common Property Risks Include:

  • Theft
  • Fire
  • Vandalism
  • Weather-Damage

Talk to a builder’s insurance expert at McCormick Insurance Inc. to learn about the best options for covering your properties during construction, renovation, and potential coverages for building materials and equipment. 

What is Vacant Risk Insurance?

Provides financial protection if something happens to your property while it remains vacant between tenants or when its undergoing renovations. 

Why Vacant Property Owners Need It?

Vacant properties in Pembroke Pines, FL, are more susceptible to common risks like vandalism, theft, and water damage. 

Vacant risk insurance coverage can cover these and other unforeseen events that typically cost thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket expenses for uninsured Florida property owners. 

Don’t get caught without builders and vacant risk insurance in Florida!

Talk to a licensed agent at McCormick Insurance to learn more about your builders and vacant risk coverage options in Florida, and apply for a property protection policy today!