Is Flood Insurance Required If You Live Near A River?

Flood insurance is a government program designed to protect homeowners from damages to their home and property resulting from a flooding event. In some cases, laws may require a homeowner to purchase flood insurance if they live near a body of water such as a coastline, river, or lake. To find out if this type of coverage is required, consult with the finance company as well as a reputable flood insurance provider in your area. 

Is Flood Insurance Required?

In most cases, the client’s real estate agent, as well as the finance company will relay requirement pre-purchase to the buyer so they can complete the transaction. Any potential buyers who have questions about restrictions and requirements in a certain area can consult an experienced home insurance agent to find out what the situation for each potential home is. 

Working With an Agent

The best way to find out if flood insurance is necessary for an area is to work closely with an insurance agent who is familiar with the area. Those who are considering moving to Pembroke Pines, FL should consult with McCormick Insurance Inc. to find out which properties need flood insurance. Their agents are highly experienced and can guide clients through the purchase process and explain all of the terms and conditions so they can be informed. 

Those who are considering making a home purchase in the Pembroke Pines, FL area should consult with McCormick Insurance Inc. to get answers to their questions, as well as help with the selection process and more. Call or stop by today to get started with the process and help protect your investment.