Insurance Guidelines for A Newly Constructed Residence

Research insurance products for your newly constructed home. Use the following guidelines to help you prepare an outline for the insurance coverage you wish to purchase.


The location of your home can greatly affect the type of insurance coverage you need. For instance, if you live in a region that experiences heavy rains and high winds, your home will be susceptible to weather-related damage regularly. This may lead you to purchase an insurance policy that provides substantial protection against the elements.

The location of your home could also relate to the risk of theft and vandalism that may occur. If you live in a region where crime is prevalent, you may purchase more insurance to protect against criminal activities. 

Structural Elements

Consider the structural elements that were used in the design of your home. These elements affect the strength and value of your home. Materials that are more susceptible to damage than others should be taken into account. These materials may require additional insurance protection.


Review the manner in which you store items on your land. If you own a garage, a shed, or another structure designated for storage, it should be insured.

Each structure that is on your land should be assessed independently. The value of the structure, plus the value of what is stored inside, will determine how much insurance coverage is needed.

More Information

Contact an agent who serves Pembroke Pines, FL, to acquire insurance coverage for your newly constructed home. An agent representing McCormick Insurance Inc. will guide your insurance requests.