Inland marine insurance versus marine insurance: know the difference:

Do you know what the difference is between inland marine insurance and marine insurance? Not many people do. McCormick Insurance Inc serving the city of Pembroke Pines, FL is here to help you.

Marine Insurance

Marine insurance is exactly what it sounds like; insurance related to boating and shipping. Marine insurance has been around for centuries. At the most basic level, it is insurance against the loss or damage to watercraft and their cargo. Marine insurance has several subcategories, so if you own, build, or use watercraft in any way, then marine insurance is for you. In Florida, one of the subcategories of marine insurance is inland marine insurance, which is defined differently.

Inland Marine Insurance

The name of this type of insurance is misleading, often making you think of boats. Inland marine insurance is, in fact, the insuring of goods or property in transit excluding boating transportation. Inland marine insurance is a type of property insurance for your business. It can cover many types of transportation as well as liability exposure should something happen to someone else’s property while it is in your care during transportation. It is also a good idea to consider inland marine insurance if you are transporting your own goods or equipment regularly.

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In summary, marine insurance is for you if you are involved with or use watercraft. Inland marine insurance is for you if you are in the business of transporting goods for others or yourself regularly. Contact McCormick Insurance Inc. serving the Pembroke Pines, FL area today. Let us help you get the insurance you need for you, and your business to safeguard your people and your profit.