Inland Marine Insurance – Is It Right For Your Business?

Ensuring your business in Pembroke Pines, FL is adequately protected from any unexpected accidents or disasters is important. But between the various types of insurance policies available, it can be challenging to determine which one is right for you. One policy you may have heard of is inland marine insurance. But what exactly is it, and does your business need one? McCormick Insurance Inc explains.

What Is Inland Marine Insurance?

Inland marine insurance covers goods and property that are temporarily away from the insured’s premises—for example, when they’re being transported for business purposes. This coverage typically applies to items such as computers and other electronic devices, tools and equipment, furniture, supplies, and other valuable items used for business operations. It can also include coverage for property in transit by land, water, or air—including if your property is stored at a different location than where your business operates from.

Do I Need It?

You might consider an inland marine insurance policy if the following conditions apply: Your equipment requires frequent transportation, your business regularly ships goods across state lines, you store valuable equipment off-site, or you frequently transport large amounts of materials. Small businesses with limited resources will find this coverage especially useful because it provides an affordable option for protecting their valuable assets while away from their home base.

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