Four Motorcycle Insurance Misconceptions

Motorcycle insurance refers to a type of coverage specifically designed to protect motorcycle owners/operators from potential financial losses (and other damages) that may occur due to an accident or unforeseen events. However, according to the insurance professionals at McCormick Insurance Inc. in Pembroke Pines, FL, several motorcycle insurance misconceptions circulate regarding motorcycle coverage.

Motorcycle Insurance is Unnecessary Because It’s Not My Primary Vehicle.

The Reality– Motorcycle insurance is a mandated legal requirement in most locations – even for those who ride infrequently. So, going without insurance may be unlawful.

My Car Insurance Policy Automatically Covers Me When Riding My Motorcycle.

The Reality– Riding a bike comes with unique risks, which creates special insurance needs that must be met with coverage designed to meet these risks.

Carrying Minimum Liability is Enough Insurance Coverage.

The Reality– Considering the possible property damage and medical costs associated with a car crash/accident, deciding to purchase only minimum liability coverage may be shortsighted as it is likely not to provide enough insurance protection should a serious collision occur.

My Bike is Old, So I Don’t Need Collision or Comprehensive Insurance Coverage.

The Reality– If your bike is older (or you believe the motorcycle has a lower market value), these types of insurance coverages can be valuable as they help cover the cost in the event your bike is the victim of vandalism, theft, an accident, or a natural disaster, and more.

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Please don’t rely on misconceptions, as they can leave you inadequately protected in the event of an accident or loss. For more information, contact a licensed professional at McCormick Insurance Inc. at  954-602-5741 or online. We look forward to customizing an insurance policy to meet your motorcycle insurance requirements today.