Changing Jobs? When a Personal Life Insurance Policy is the Right Thing to Do

You have a great benefits package from your current Pembroke Pines, FL job. However, what happens if you opt for a new position with a start-up company or yours suddenly goes out of business? Your agent at McCormick Insurance Inc. is here to remind you to carefully look at all your insurance policies provided by your boss and think again about what happens if you make a change.

Benefits Don’t Travel from Job to Job

Your life insurance, disability, and other benefits will not transfer from one job to another. While you might take a step up in income, you may end up waiting six months to a year for those benefits to kick back in again. If you purchase a personal insurance policy, the coverage remains in place protecting your family and investments while you are climbing the corporate ladder.

Life is Unexpected–Your Insurance Shouldn’t Be

Life insurance is about making sure that all your family experiences less stress when faced with the most unexpected moments. When you take a gamble to make your life better, that shouldn’t mean that you sacrifice the confidence of knowing that the house is protected and your children will still be able to go to college. 

Great Option for Small Business Owners

Maybe you are leaving the corporate world behind and starting up your own Pembroke Pines, FL business. You can create your own benefits package that includes life insurance with a personal policy. You can even opt for one that builds equity over time, providing a nest egg for future endeavors.

If you have questions about the types of life insurance policies that are available outside of your job’s benefits package, give the experts a call at McCormick Insurance Inc. today.