Summertime is Peak Time for Boating Accidents – Make Sure You Have the Protection You Need!

It’s summer, and that means it’s boating season! The team at McCormick Insurance Inc. wants all of our Pembroke Pines, FL area friends and neighbors to enjoy their time out on the water. We are here to provide the boat insurance that keeps you safe and protects your craft from damage or theft. If you are in the market for a boat or feel it’s time to upgrade your current boat policy, call or stop by today!

Make Sure You Have the Protection You Need!

If you are enjoying a lot of time out on the water this summer, make sure that your boat policy includes the coverage that you need. This is especially true for people who trailer their vessels from home to the water, as accidents can happen along the way.

Basic boat policies may not provide sufficient liability protection, especially if you are involved in an accident where there are injuries and subsequent medical expenses. Another coverage area that people sometimes overlook is towing. At-sea towing can be expensive, and it is helpful to have this protection included in your policy.

There are a number of enhanced features available in comprehensive policies that can help make your life easier as a boat owner. Don’t find out after the fact that your boat insurance policy does not give you the protection you need. 

The folks at McCormick Insurance Inc. are proud to serve the greater Pembroke Pines, FL community. If you are in need of any type of insurance, including boat coverage, it’s time to stop by! We are here to answer all of your questions and help you choose the boat insurance policy that is right for you and your needs.

Do You Need Specialized RV Insurance?

Standard RV insurance policies in Pembroke Pines, FL offer many of the same coverage options as auto insurance to include liability, collision, comprehensive and uninsured motorist protection. As recreational vehicles are more complex than autos, however, conventional insurance may not be enough to protect your costly investment. Specialized RV coverage from McCormick Insurance Inc. helps compensate you for the extra risks you face as an RV owner.   

What is Specialized RV Coverage?

Specialized RV coverage is extra protection for your RV investment on top of conventional liability, collision, comprehensive, and uninsured motorist coverage. It includes:

  • Total Loss Replacement – to cover the cost of replacing your RV if it’s totaled in an accident
  • Personal Property Protection – to protect all the extras you carry around in your RV when traveling
  • Vacation Liability – to cover accidental injuries of people who visit your RV or campsite during your travels
  • Fulltime RV Coverage – covers any eventuality you may face while living and traveling in your recreational vehicle

Do You Need Specialized RV Coverage?

RVs have aspects that require greater coverage than conventional vehicles. Your RV is, in essence, a home on wheels with its own water source, kitchen, electronic equipment and bathroom. In the event of an accident, there’s so much more that can be damaged. Due to its size and weight, your RV can also cause more extensive damage to others, requiring that you purchase more than minimum liability coverage.

If you’re a frequent RV traveler, it only makes sense to have well-rounded RV coverage to protect your assets and valuable investment. By combining liability, collision, comprehensive and uninsured motorist coverage with specialized RV coverage, you’ll have the protection you need for almost any eventuality.

To purchase the RV insurance you need, contact McCormick Insurance Inc., serving residents in Pembroke Pines, FL and surrounding communities.

What Are the Advantages of Excess Insurance?

Excess insurance can be a lifesaver for a business if a major event occurs. The agents of McCormick Insurance Inc. offer excess insurance for companies that require an additional layer of protection. Business owners in Pembroke Pines, FL who want to make sure their business has the protection it needs to recover from a traumatic experience. Excess insurance can provide the support your business needs during a difficult time.

When Damages Exceed Your Policy Limits

Excess insurance covers the cost of damages that exceed your company’s policy limits or a specified amount that has been designated for unexpected emergencies. Policies are normally written to cover certain types of damage in specific amounts. There are instances in which the actual costs associated with the incident may far exceed the constraints of your commercial policy. 

Protecting Your Assets

Choosing to purchase excess insurance gives you the advantage if, for any reason, you experience a disaster that far surpasses your expectations. A policy that covers an excess amount over and above what your policy allows for can protect you from having to liquidate your assets to pay for the additional costs. Excess insurance may also be able to provide sufficient coverage even if your traditional commercial policy won’t.

In Pembroke Pines, FL, the agents of McCormick Insurance Inc. can explain the concepts behind excess insurance. They can break down both the pros and cons of having this type of policy and how it can keep your business functioning if a catastrophic event occurs. Call your agent as soon as possible to find out what type of business will benefit the most from an excess insurance policy. Your agent can explain the details and give you the information you need.

What is Builders’ Risk Insurance, Vacant Risk Insurance, and What are the Differences?

Builders’ and Vacant Risk Insurance

If you own a vacation home or are thinking about purchasing or building a house in the Pembroke Pines, FL area, consider your options for Builders’ or Vacant Risk Insurance. We are McCormick Insurance Inc. We want you to have the coverage you need. 

What is Builders’ Risk insurance?

Builders’ risk insurance covers homes during construction. If you own the land where the property is being built, you should consider purchasing builders’ insurance. Check with the builder or contractor to see what type of insurance they have, and the claim limits of their policy. During the course of construction, there may be vandalism or theft of the building materials and equipment. Even if the materials are stored off-site, they may be covered.  In Minnesota, a builders’ risk policy can be written on the completed value, or on a reporting form basis. If you purchased custom-made materials to build your house you should certainly consider purchasing Builders Risk Insurance.

What is Vacant Risk Insurance?

Vacant risk insurance protects a residence while it is vacant. Speak with our insurance agent before choosing your policy because a vacant house differs from an unoccupied house and the rates will vary. A vacant house may go unnoticed, but it may not. It is an easy target for thieves and vandals. If you split your time between your main residence and a vacation home, check about using the same insurer for both, they may provide a cost-efficient combination of policies for both homes. 

What are some differences between the two?

Both insurance types protect you from the financial risk of owning an empty house. Builders’ risk insurance covers the period the house is under construction. Some insurers may even provide coverage for less than a 12 month period. Vacant Risk insurance covers a home while the residents are away. An independent agent at McCormick Insurance Inc., in Pembroke Pines, FL, will help you find the best policy for your situation. 

Prevent Disaster with the Right Boat Insurance

The beautiful waters of the Pembroke Pines, FL area call to all boaters.  Many fun afternoons have been spent with friends and family on the water.  But your boat is an investment that needs to be insured before you head out.  Our team at McCormick Insurance Inc. can help!  They can answer questions and make recommendations based on your boat size and how frequently you use it. 

Boat insurance policies have several features to protect.  The policy should provide liability coverage, protect mechanical equipment, as well as, handle any physical damage to the boat.  If someone is injured on the boat, the owner is protected with liability coverage.  It should also address vandalism and theft.  If the boat isn’t used often, talk with your agent.  They may be able to recommend options for more cost-effective coverage.  Some boat owners mistakenly believe that their boat is covered by their home insurance policy.  Very small boats sometimes can be covered but it’s rare.  Coverage will also be different for larger yachts then small boats on lakes.  Uninsured/underinsured boater coverage is valuable protection.  Lastly, all personal possessions, including sports equipment, should be covered by the policy. 

In the Pembroke Pines, FL area, our agents at McCormick Insurance Inc. are ready to help with your boat insurance needs.  We want you to safely enjoy your time on the water.  They will provide information about your options.  That way you’ll know that you’re covered should an accident occur.  Disasters such as someone being injured or the sinking of the boat can be financially devasting.  Invest a little time to visit with one of our agents.  They will be able to help you make informed decisions that are best for you.  Before you head out, contact us!  It’s worth your time to protect your boat. 

What Stretch Of The Trip Does Inland Marine Insurance Cover?

You can generally rest assured that your inland marine insurance is going to cover the bulk of the trip, that is, while your goods are being transported by truck or by train, you’re probably covered come what may. But, the trip from point A to point B isn’t always so simple. Once your goods arrive at your warehouse in Pembroke Pines, FL, you may be breaking the shipment up to send out to various businesses around town by truck, car, and van. So when does your insurance policy first kick in, and when does it end?

The Long Haul

Typically your marine inland insurance covers you in two areas:

  • The long-haul transit from point A to point B, and…
  • Any time your goods are stored anywhere along the way, not at a facility that you own or operate.

This means that if your driver parks your goods in a warehouse for another driver to pick up the next morning, you’re covered for the night. You don’t have to worry about a company like McCormick Insurance Inc. telling you that you’re out of luck because your goods were damaged in a warehouse fire, and not on the road.

You’re typically not going to be covered after your goods arrive at your own place of business in Pembroke Pines, FL. Once your goods have reached point B, your insurer’s job is done.

Some companies may offer extra protection once those goods arrive and start going out for delivery, but marine inland is focused more on the long-haul than on local deliveries. In any event, you’ll want to call your insurer and find out before assuming that your goods are covered for local trips.

You have a lot riding on the line when shipping, so call McCormick Insurance Inc. and get covered.

Benefits of buying life insurance at 20s

Very few youths in Pembroke Pines, FL think about life insurance. Who thinks of dying anyway? Well, the truth is that no one is too young to buy insurance. When it comes to building a strong financial foundation, buying life insurance makes a lot of sense, especially if you have a young family. Insurance experts at McCormick Insurance Inc. admit that being young has a significant financial advantage when purchasing life insurance.

The younger you are, the less expensive it gets

Insurance companies focus on risk factors when considering a life insurance applicant. They have to establish the likelihood of an applicant’s chances of making a claim at some point where the company will need to pay a death benefit upon their demise. The longer you hold a life insurance policy, the more capital it accumulates. In simple terms, your insurance company wants you to live longer!

The healthier you are, the less expensive it gets

While age is a prime factor, how healthy you are is also a determining factor on whether your life insurance policy will be more expensive or not. In fact, health is more important than age in the insurance world because even young people get sick, which could result in early death. Your insurance company will pay a lot of attention to your medical history as well as any underlying conditions or lifestyle that may be life-threatening like alcohol abuse or smoking. If you have any of these conditions, whether young or not, your insurance premiums may go up to 10 times more than for other healthy individuals.

Buy now and wait, don’t wait and buy

Life insurance for young adults is not a one-size-fits-all type of insurance. There are very many considerations to be done beforehand. You may need to talk to an insurance expert at McCormick Insurance Inc. who will help you narrow down your choices. Feel free to visit us at Pembroke Pines, FL today!

Why It Makes Sense for Everyone to Buy Umbrella Insurance

So many people and businesses in the Pembroke Pines, FL area continue to shop around for umbrella insurance, but should you be joining the train? What is the real value of an umbrella insurance agency and is it something that is worth it for you as an individual, or as a business owner?  

There is a lot of good that can come from an umbrella insurance policy. With umbrella insurance, you are putting a big blanket of coverage over your existing policies. The minimum limit on an umbrella insurance policy is usually $1 million and this goes above and beyond what you already have for, say, an auto insurance policy.

Say you are in an auto accident and you are liable for the accident. You are paying or the damages of the other car, as well as the medical bills of the person. If the accident and whom you are liable towards is someone such as an executive, or someone with high assets, their bills could exceed the auto insurance limits. If you have no umbrella policy, you are on the hook for those costs on your own, versus having an insurance company pay them on your behalf.

Umbrella insurance can help to protect you against lawsuits, as well as other related liability. Other coverages will help with include legal fees, property damages, and more. What it will not cover is things such as worker’s compensation claims as well as damage you cause intentionally. With umbrella insurance, it makes all the sense in the world to make the purchase to give you peace of mind. Work with the McCormick Insurance Inc. group to be better prepared for your umbrella purchase today.

How Much Boat Insurance Is Necessary?

If you own a boat with a motor or are planning on making a purchase in the near future, you will likely wonder how much insurance you need to carry. Not all situations are the same, but there are a few basic things to consider when determining the level of coverage necessary. The best way to get the right amount and scope of coverage is to work with an insurance agent with experience helping clients obtain boat insurance.

How Much Boat Insurance Is Enough? 

Anyone uncertain about the level of coverage necessary to offer adequate protection should work with an agent. They can help assess the value of the insurance parts of the boat, such as the motor, and offer liability coverage that reflects the situation. In some cases, additional coverage can be offered to provide greater protection in certain instances. Keep in mind that some areas of the country may require certain additional coverage too. 

People in the Know

There are people in the insurance industry who are in the know and can help clients find coverage that offers complete protection while out on the water. If you live around Chester, NJ, those people are at The Insurance Outfit. They are committed to helping boat owners find the ideal coverage that fits their needs. It’s just one of the many reasons to work with them to protect your investment. 

Navigate the world of boat insurance with ease when you work with The Insurance Outfit, serving Chester, NJ. Call or stop by the office today to schedule a consultation, or to ask questions about boat coverage or any other type of insurance coverage. 

Is Flood Insurance Required If You Live Near A River?

Flood insurance is a government program designed to protect homeowners from damages to their home and property resulting from a flooding event. In some cases, laws may require a homeowner to purchase flood insurance if they live near a body of water such as a coastline, river, or lake. To find out if this type of coverage is required, consult with the finance company as well as a reputable flood insurance provider in your area. 

Is Flood Insurance Required?

In most cases, the client’s real estate agent, as well as the finance company will relay requirement pre-purchase to the buyer so they can complete the transaction. Any potential buyers who have questions about restrictions and requirements in a certain area can consult an experienced home insurance agent to find out what the situation for each potential home is. 

Working With an Agent

The best way to find out if flood insurance is necessary for an area is to work closely with an insurance agent who is familiar with the area. Those who are considering moving to Pembroke Pines, FL should consult with McCormick Insurance Inc. to find out which properties need flood insurance. Their agents are highly experienced and can guide clients through the purchase process and explain all of the terms and conditions so they can be informed. 

Those who are considering making a home purchase in the Pembroke Pines, FL area should consult with McCormick Insurance Inc. to get answers to their questions, as well as help with the selection process and more. Call or stop by today to get started with the process and help protect your investment.